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What exactly is the HN-Navigator?

The HN-Navigator is a service of the Hochschule Niederrhein, University of Applied Sciences which aims to support you in your decision for a path of studies.

Many school students are faced with a line of questions by the end of their school time:

  • What comes next?
  • What does it mean to study?
  • Which study programmes exist anyway, and which programmes come in question for me?
  • Which requirements do I have to fulfil? What are the admission and application processes for the specific study programmes like and how do they proceed?

We offer you here information about the bachelor’s programme Textile and Clothing Management to make it easier for you to choose a study path.

Besides the bachelor’s programme Textile and Clothing Management, you can also study Design Engineering and Textile and Clothing Engineering for a bachelor’s degree in our department.

These programmes are shortly described in the following for a better differentiation:

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Textile and Clothing Management:

In this programme, run in English only, you will be educated for management in the textile and clothing industry.

You will acquire sound, technical knowledge in the field of textile and clothing engineering, as well as fundamentals of the development of clothing. The second key area of this programme involves management and leadership qualifications.

You will acquire comprehensive problem-solving abilities and will build up your English language skills. Through the contact to international fellow students in the course of your studies, you will acquire intercultural skills which can serve as an important basis for your future international career.

Design Engineer:

The aim of this programme is to interlink design and engineering to equal parts. The combination of design and technology is an optimal preparation for the requirements of the global textile and clothing industry.

Good fashion and textile design are based on result-oriented concepts and their practicality. The programme contains diversified knowledge with regard to design competences as well as analyses of trends and target groups. The focus of the programme lies particularly on the needs of the industry.

Textile and Clothing Engineering:

Textile engineering roughly involves everything that has to do with the manufacturing of textile - the deployed machines, materials and processes. This is followed by textile finishing. It includes, for example, dyeing, bleaching, and impregnating the original material.

The field of clothing engineering is concerned with the development and manufacturing of items of clothing. It includes, for example, concept design, cut design, and the production process, closely linked to national and international procurement and logistics.


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